Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the New London Public Library

The mission of the New London Public Library is to serve the people of the New London School District and surrounding areas by providing free and equal access to materials, services, and facilities that promote the educational, recreational, informational and cultural needs of the community.

Additionally, the Library will...

Serve as a multipurpose organization providing a wide variety of resource materials, both print and non-print, to meet the needs and desires of  individuals and groups for information, knowledge and ideas.

Stimulate and encourage children and adults to accept the concept of lifelong learning and to use the resources of the library toward personal knowledge and education.

Integrate the Library into the social, cultural and educational fabric of the community and cooperate with other groups and organizations to promote social awareness and the importance of learning.

Strive to conserve the history of New London and surrounding areas by providing, collecting and maintaining historical materials in a genealogy collection.

Strive to respond to the needs of users by providing clean and inviting buildings, well-organized and up-to-date collections, friendly professional service and well-trained staff.

Serve patrons in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful and business-like.