Bookbags To Go

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Our roomy bags are filled with books (fiction and nonfiction), activities, and other material that are all related to a specific theme. The entire bag may easily be checked out by teachers or parents for classroom or home use. Each bag is available for a 3 week loan.

SEE A COMPLETE LISTING OF BAG CONTENTS  BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK:  /sites/default/files/images/Library%20Book%20Bags%20List.pdf


All bags can be used for children of all ages.

Barnyard Fun
12 books, 3 activities, 2 DVD's

8 books, 2 activities, 4 DVD's

12 books, 1 activity, 1 DVD

12 books, 1 activity, 3 DVD's

Magic, Myths, and Lore! Oh my!
13 books, 1 activity, 4 DVD's

9 books, 1 activity, 2 DVD's