American Girl Doll

Two American Girl Doll

Molly & Emily are ready to visit with you! 



Who can borrow Molly and Emily?

Patrons with New London library card may borrow our dolls. An adult must be present when the doll is being checked out.

Where can I borrow Emily or Molly?

You may sign out a doll from our children’s room. She should also be returned to the children’s desk during our open hours.

What comes with the dolls?  

Emily and Molly each have their own trunk.  Each comes with a journal, travel case, accessories, and care instructions. Please make sure she has all her items before returning her to the library.

Why a journal?

We hope that you will write a paragraph about Emily or Molly's  stay with you. Please use one page of the journal and date your entry.  It will become a book about their adventures.

How do I care for Emily?

You may  brush and style her hair.  Please do not cut or shampoo her hair because that will damage her.

How do I care for Molly?

Molly's hair is braided, so we ask you to leave her braids in.  You may change her hair ribbons.

How did Emily and Molly come to live at New London Library?

Both Emily and Molly were donations from patrons.  Their clothing is also donated and is from different patrons.  We thank all of our generous friends!